“Riverside RV Whitewater Retro” – Your Vintage Style Travel Trailer at Holiday World

Ever think about wanting to own or rent an rv? Maybe you know someone who owned a recreational vehicle at one point and always wondered what it would have been like to take it on those fun holiday trip you’ve dreamt about. Well as time has passed, we’ve seen different style of travel trailers come and go and as more time passes, those vintage trailers people were so drawn to in the past are becoming more and more extinct. Well, if you’re one of those people that wants a classic trailer without sacrificing the perks of modern technology, there’s a certain travel trailer on the market that may grab your attention.

Whether you’ve been in travel trailers throughout your life or it’s your first time, the Riverside RV Whitewater Retro is the perfect fit for most travelers looking for that nostalgic look in a travel trailer without sacrificing the comfort of modern living. Aside from its vintage look being the center of attention, it also is recognized for its weight capacity, durable structure, and overall comfort; making this particular retro style trailer grow more in popularity for people who may want to own a classic trailer.

(Holiday World)1 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-155_177


Whitewater Retro Floorplan 155

Whitewater Retro Floorplan - 177

Whitewater Retro Floorplan – 177

Combining a classic look with modern features, the Riverside RV Whitewater Retro uses sleek lines and a color pallet popular in the 1960’s. For two of its styles, the Polar White Aqua Retro and the Pewter Red Retro, each has a 155, 155XL, 175, and a 177 version which differentiate in size and carrying capacity. While the 155 has a length of 14’9 feet and a total dry weight of 1840 which is small enough to fit in a garage, the 177 has a larger length of 18’6 feet, having a total dry weight of 2530 lbs.; making it one of the easiest travel trailers to tow with just about any vehicle regardless of whatever version you choose.

(Holiday World)2 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-177_Bed(Holiday World)3 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-177_sink_stove(Holiday World)4 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-177_microwave

Aside from its great style and nice features, this recreational vehicle was built to last. Created with genuine Amish craftsmanship, the Whitewater Retro is created with a welded aluminum cage, batting insulation, and a radiant barrier; making this particular travel trailer, very durable and also very affordable.

Want to see what this trailer looks like inside? Check out these video.

Now if you’re in the market to rent an rv or own a vintage style travel trailer in the Houston Texas area, I’d begin your search by visiting Holiday World (www.hwhrv.com) (www.hwhrv.com/Riverside RV) and taking a look at a Whitewater Retro in person. Be one of those people that grab other travelers attention at campgrounds with a one of a kind vintage style travel trailer from Riverside RV and stand out from the crowd.

Holiday World RV / 28909 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77494 / sales@hwhrv.com / (281)371-7200 OR (800)983-7866 / www.hwhrv.com

‘Tis The Season!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite RVer? Look no further! Here are some helpful tips when shopping for RVers:

  • Size matters – The most important thing to keep in mind is the size of the RV: your gift should fit practically into their RV without hassle. Gifts with the words “portable”, “foldable”, and “stackable” are probably safe bets.
  • Function trumps fashion – With such a limited amount of space, RVers are rarely concerned with appearances; look for gifts that will serve a specific function, instead of picking a bulky piece of art, for example, which they may never find the space to display.
  • Know your facts – Try to get some info about their RV lifestyle. Are they full-time or part-time? Class A or Class C? Travel trailer or fifth wheel? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to hone in on the perfect gift.
  • Be creative – Everyone appreciates a gift with a little extra thought! Your gift options aren’t limited solely to RV products; also consider travel gifts, personalized gifts, handy electronics, and useful gift cards.

Check out these links to some cool gift ideas at our very own Holiday World of Houston parts store! Stop by today and find the perfect holiday gift for your favorite RVer… they’ll be happy that you did!

Little Red Portable Campfire – This compact, portable campfire is great for campsites with fire restrictions against in-ground fires. Or take it tailgating, put it on the patio…its size is convenient and perfect for wherever you need a fire.

Chair Utility Table – This utility table is adjustable and removable, designed to fit most popular RV folding chairs.

The Telescoping Rolla Roaster – A fun, handy tool for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over campfires, backyard barbecues and fireplaces.

Freedom Flashlight – The flashlight that’s always ready when you need it. The hybrid technology gives you the freedom of choice. The first click on the switch is a Lithium powered light. The second click is an endless, self-generated light. Just shake the light to generate power. A “must have” item for all RVers!

State Sticker Map – Featuring durable and long lasting adhesive construction, each sticker depicts a license plate graphic of each state. Add more states to your map as you reach new destinations. Peel and press vinyl stickers resist water, sun and salt.

5 Great Reasons to Buy a Denver Mattress

First things first. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Why should I spend my time/money on a whole new RV mattress…when I already have one?” Or, you’re thinking, “Wait, what IS a Denver mattress??” Either way, I have the answer(s) you’re looking for! Whether you’re a new buyer or a long-time RV owner, this mattress will change the way you live in your RV, guaranteed. Here’s why:

1. QUALITY PRODUCTS This RV Supreme Euro Top all-foam mattress offers a high quality foam core and euro top quilt for superior comfort and support.

2. CONVENIENCE Say goodbye to the days of hauling a bulky RV mattress into your camper! With one simple motion, you can unroll your conveniently-packed RV Queen Bed or RV King Bed with ease! Each Denver Mattress is individually compressed just prior to shipping and rolled into a 16″ x 16″ box. This box is the exact width of the RV Queen/King Bed itself, so that it’s saving space while still managing to be lightweight. Upon unwrapping, the RV mattress expands to its full 11″ thickness, and you can then immediately enjoy its luxurious comfort!

3. COMFORT The all-foam core, made up of a combination of high density foam and BioFlex soy-based foam, provide the appropriate amount of support for proper sleeping posture, ensuring that you will awake well-rested and refreshed.

4. NATURE-LOVING Its soy-based material makes this RV mattress not only environmentally friendly, but also fire retardant.

5. YOU DESERVE IT!  You spend countless hours on the road in your RV, chasing one adventure after another. Doesn’t all that adventuring require a good-night’s sleep? Well now you can sleep like you’re home snug in your bed… even when you’re not!

We are proud to now offer the Denver Mattress here at the Holiday World of Houston parts store— come in today and swap out your old RV mattress for a chance at convenient luxury!

Need more info on Holiday World?  Check out our latest YouTube video featuring the latest in 2017 units, or read testimonials from satisfied customers!