2 Bathrooms In An RV: What’s Up With That?

Personally speaking, the biggest discomforts I have had with RV camping in the past has been the fact that RVs have had only one toilet. I realize an article about toilet usage in an RV may not be the most comfortable of topics, but for me it has become an important one.

Many people like to go camping with more than one or two people. This usually makes toilet and shower usage inconvenient to say the least. You know what I mean if you have ever been camping with a group of friends or even family.

Let me tell you how the folks at Keystone RV have fixed this issue. Many travel trailers have bunk beds for the kids. Many now even have an entertainment center and a door that closes so you can shut the little curtain climbers up in the back and enjoy a little privacy for yourself. This goes a long way if your kids were anything like mine. I love my kids, but when it is time to go to bed, I want to go to bed without having to listen to video games going all night. That, however, did not settle the issue with only one toilet in the trailer.

Keystone RV has begun putting a second toilet and even a second shower next to the bunk beds so the kids will not have to bother us in the middle of the night. The convenience of that second toilet goes without saying. What a country!!

If you use your RV for more than just an overnight jaunt every so often then this becomes and issue for you as well. When we use our RV, we usually go for several days if not a week or two. Having two toilets means a lot especially with teenagers if you know what I mean?

Some may ask, “Why did it take RV manufacturers so long to come up with this amazing innovation?” The answer is that it has only been in the last few years that advancements in construction techniques have made it so that RVs are being made lighter and stronger than ever before. A second bathroom adds a lot of weight to a trailer and greater weight usually translates into less control when towing. That is no longer an issue. As trailers get lighter, more conveniences can be added and towability is improved.

You can still get RVs without that second bath and when the kids grow up and leave the house, my wife and I will return to a one bedroom one bath unit just for us. But for now, I am thankful for the innovation Keystone RV has shown to the RV world. Stop by your local Keystone RV Dealer and see all the latest innovations in Travel Trailers and go RVing.