This blog is provided by Holiday World of Houston to promote the RV lifestyle and industry. The RV lifestyle involves families making the commitment to travel together and stay together. In today’s world we are so busy we barely have the time to sit down and eat a meal together. RVing as a family is an amazing experience. As you travel around to areas you haven’t been before, you discover new ways to have fun and communicate, which create memories that last a life time.

So go RVing with your family – you’ll be amazed at the experience!

Holiday World of Houston


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  1. In February 2016, we went to Holiday World Katy, Texas to purchase an RV. Our salesman, Kevin Dolan, showed us 3 RV’s. When we told him we wanted to buy the Fleetwood, he said he had to go to the Houston RV Show, so he turned us over to Jeremy, in Finance. Three days later, we arrived at our appointment time in order to pick up our RV. The RV was not ready, so we had to wait over 4 hours for them to get it ready. Jeremy was not there then because he had left to attend the RV show in Houston. Mark Hamm then assisted us. He was able to get everything done, so we thought. We then were told it was ready so we left for home with our RV. We got 5 miles down the road and thought we had better check for the license plate. There was no license plate (no paper tag either). We returned to Holiday World, they placed a paper tag on the RV and we left. In March 2016, we received the registration information in the mail but no license plate, so we called Kevin Dolan for assistance. He never returned our calls. We then drove to the dealer (which is 2 hours from home) and Kevin Dolan advised us that they were not suppose, to remove the license plate because our RV was used. We told him that we never had a regular license plate and then explained what happened the day we left with our RV with no plates. He then said we would have to go to the License Plate Office in our home county of Grimes to get a plate. We told him that we paid them for the license and we were not paying again. He then went and spoke with someone and when he returned he said that Holiday World would take care of it and they would mail us our license plate. It is now May 3, 2016, and we still have not received our plates. We called Kevin Dolan and he said that we needed to call back and ask for Kathy Joyce – Title Clerk. We then called back and spoke with Kathy, she said that it was Kevin’s job to handle this and said she would get with him and tried to hang up. Well I, Judith, was able to keep her on the line and explained our situation. Kathy has advised that she will take care of it and then overnight our plates and we should have them by May 9, 2016. We explained that we are leaving on the 10th and have to have some license plates due to our 2nd paper tag expiring. This has been a difficult time when it should have been a joyous time to have something new. We want to warn anyone dealing with Holiday World in Katy, Texas to not deal with Kevin Dolan at all because he is a very poor/terrible salesman, who does not do his job. He needs to lose his job over this because we know that this is not the first time he has treated your customers this way, because it is impossible to do your job one day and not the next. He is the worst salesman we have ever encountered. Please take care of this, so as you don’t lose any more business, due to his poor capabilities of doing his job.

    • We appreciate the information you have provided to us about where we dropped the ball. This is not a normal practice and apologize for any inconveniences you might caused you and any delays on your trip. We have sat down Kevin Dolan along with the rest of the sales staff to ensure we have to complete step of every transaction that our customers deserve. If you are in any need of anything in the further please do not hesitate to let myself or our dealership know.

      Thank you for being a valued customers and we do appreciate it when our customers give us feedback so we can get better. We are not perfect in any means.

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