You only live once #YOLO #2017prosper

As I celebrate the holidays with my family and friends, as usual the topic of New Year’s resolutions came up.  And although I am a big fan of self-improvement, I often find that New Year’s resolutions are delusions of grandeur instead of achievable goals.  That being said I set a few on myself, including healthier, eating breakfast, spending less time on “screens”, and drinking more water. Screens is hard since that is how I make a living!!

Upon reflecting on our time at HolidayWorld, we also starting thinking about what New Year’s resolutions we should take on, what we really need to make stick in 2017.  Here is one that I came up as the most important: live.

Making living the most important thing in your Be humbled. Don’t take anything for granted. If there is something that you want to do. Then get it done. Don’t wait. Many of my childhood heroes left us in 2016 and made me ponder on why they influenced me.  And how they inspire me today to live the life that makes me the happiest.

So what is your definition of living?  Do you want to make memories with your friends and family?  Maybe go camping? Living the #RVlife? Then do it!!!  Never been camping? Never been in a motorhome? Then give it a try. It could help you define life and make those special times happen.

Need help making it happen? Then let us help you get over your fear and make it happen. Contact us today at 281 371 7200. We encourage you to #yolo (you only live once..) and live!


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