The last RV sewer hose you’ll ever need


Every RVer will tell you that their least favorite part of the camping experience is emptying RV holding tanks. Let’s face it, the process has traditionally been messy and unsanitary. But it doesn’t have to be. When you are looking for the right system you can speak with any of our service advisors and they will tell you about the Waste Master Sewer Hose.  This solves the unpleasant issues presented by traditional hoses, providing a clean, quick and easy solution.


Innovations in RVing have made it so much easier today than in years past. Yet some of you are still using yesterday’s RV technology—why? With Lippert Component’s revolutionary Waste Master, experience a mess-free waste management system that makes camping’s dirtiest job easy and more enjoyable.

Made of super durable high-quality material, the Waste Master hose comes equipped with a leak-resistant cam lock connector and shut off valve. Sub-par hoses are easily damaged and most campers find themselves buying two hoses a year – purchases that can really add up. Don’t settle for the standard of 30 years ago, step into today. Stop by any Holiday World dealership for this easy-to-use, self-contained and sanitary Waste Master system.


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