Mr. Wipple Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Creating RV Life Experiences at Holiday World RV

Remember that old Charmin toilet paper commercial where Mr. Wipple sold Charmin toilet paper?  That commercial sold a lot of bathroom tissue. So much that everybody wanted Charmin in their bathrooms. Even RVers want that squezzably soft tissue in their RVs.

The problem is that most RV holding tanks do not digest that stuff very well. Charmin as well as other name brands tend to build up in most black tanks creating a bit of messy problem to say the least. For years RVers had to settle for that easily bio-degradable toilet paper that has the consistency of wrapping tissue and the texture of sand paper. It never quite worked as well as the “good stuff” from the grocery store we all became accustomed to. But if we were going to camp or travel in our RVs we had to put up with what wouldn’t clog our tanks. Life was rough!!


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