August 10th was National S’mores Day

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How did you celebrate?

Ahh yes the taste of the S’more.  The light and fluffy marshmallow accented by the melted chocolate and the graham cookie.

August 10th is National S’mores Day and thought we should get the week off to a good start by starting the conversation about this awesome camping staple.

Is this your camping staple?  How do you make them? If your looking for a few ideas. I got them!

How about making them in a dutch oven?

enhanced-buzz-29886-1403027463-11 S’mores cooking in a dutch oven!

Or between two Keebler cookies? Oh wow. That looks good!


How about S’mores popcorn?


The perfect snack! Get the recipe here.

Or you might it like them the traditional way and love that they bring old memories of a particular experience.   I reference the the Sandlot where Smalls is taught not just on how to make the S’more but how to eat the S’more…yummm.

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