Creating RV Life Experiences at Holiday World RV

Looking for a memory builder? Look no further than the 2016 Keystone Passport. This travel trailer makes it easy to stamp the mind with memories, help the kids fill their pockets with precious knick-knacks, and create a one-of-a-kind album of snap shots.


With it’s aluminum super structure the Keystone Passport is lighter, and easier to grab and go, giving you plenty of opportunity to hit the road on a moment’s notice. And even with a large bathroom in the back ..and it’s slide out.. it still weighs less than 4800 pounds!

It’s  got minimal weight ..low to the ground and cool aerodynamic design make the Keystone Passport easy to pull with an SUV, crossover vehicle or a half ton pick up. 

 When you travel you need function. You need ample room for your stuff! With its extensive storage options the Keystone Passport gives you plenty of space to bring whatever you want…

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2016 Keystone Passport- what are you waiting for?

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