2017 Keystone Springdale- summer is still here!

There is only 20 days left before school starts. Did you miss a chance to vacation with your family?
Vacations are dreams we carry with us throughout the year. It is the escape from our day to day cares and a place where we connect with those we love. Vacation is not just a location; it is a state of mind.
Our state of mind is focused on the the 2017 Keystone Springdale (Fireside edition).  This great little travel trailer is 21 feet long and weighs about 3300 pounds. The low weight makes this bunk house beauty an easy pull for any SUV or half ton pick up. It’s got a diamond plated front to protect it from debris and makes it super stylish. Care about saving the environment? It’s eco-friendly as it comes solar prepped.. so if you wanted to add solar panels to trickle charge your battery ..you could. Camping with a conscience!
Check out photos and details of the 2017 Keystone Springdale
This is travel trailer is made for fun and getting on the road fast. If  you have a trip planned the Fireside edition has plenty of storage (the storage space is lined with Spruce wood). And when you get to your destination your gonna wanna make great family meals. Even for its size the 2017 Keystone Springdale has great counter space to make any working chef smile. Other features in the kitchen/living space include: two stove burner mini fridge, freezer, microwave and vented hood top.
How are the sleeping arrangements in this travel trailer?  This little gem has two twin bunk areas that can hold up to 300 pounds a piece. And the dining area also transforms into a sleeping area …not to mention a full size bed that includes tons and tons of storage underneath.
So don’t wait.  Make your vacation your next state of mind. Escape with the 2017 Keystone Springdale.  Now available at our Katy location.

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