It’s okay to break your diet today .. its National Junk Food Day July 21

I was listening to the radio this morning and learned how American it is to celebrate National Junk Food Day. Although it is not an actual recognized holiday ..I realized that this was the chance not for just for me… but for everyone to break what ever diet they were on and get what they want.  If you are serious about can start your wellness program in the morning (junk food by definition is typically prepackaged food with little nutritional value and low prep time).

But this is a blog about the value of getting a recreational vehicle and exploring. How can we mix the two? What is your best story of mixing your two loves? RV life and junk food?

For me …it would be going to the grocery and getting all the stuff your mother frowns upon. Little doughnuts ..soda (probably Dr. Pepper) and BBQ potato chips (with ranch dressing).  Lots of gluten.. lots of sugar..lots of carbs. And yes I would feel guilty for the rest of the day. But by the following morning I would have my nutritional plan laid out to conquer what ever awesomeness I had had the day prior.



If you have great stories about hitting the vending machine and your RV ..I would love to hear from you.  You can add your comment here or email me at

So take time out to celebrate without feeling guilty. Today is National Junk Food Day.





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