Catch us with the Dogs…July 20th-24th

Dog owners worldwide enjoy longer lifespans on average, reduced blood pressure, improved cardiovascular fitness, and far less stress. 

Positive health attributes dogs afford remain a constant for young and elderly alike, including weight maintenance, reduced blood pressure, and improved cardiovascular fitness.

Did you know the benefits of owning a dog are not limited to the physical? People with pets enjoy superior self-esteem too. With a variety of sizes and breed peculiarities dogs can be accessible to all.

So why not combine a love of the outdoors with man’s best friend?  One of the main reasons people buy RVs is because they like to travel with their dogs.

And where do we find these dog and RV aficionados?  You can find them at the Houston Dog show July 20-24th!

Catch us with the Dogs down at NRG park where we will show our Airstream wares with man’s best friend. Look out for booth #244.  Make sure you hashtag us via twitter @HolidayWorld_RV.





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