Better get your French Fry on its National French Fry Day

On July 13, many people (and maybe you) will enjoy one of our most classic foods..the French Fry.

French fries, also known as chips, fries, finger chips or French-fried potatoes, are batons of deep-fried potatoes and are common fixtures at eating establishments that are loved by adults and kids alike! How do you eat them?

Before you go out for lunch today here are a few deals at restaurants, according to

    • McDonald’s: Get a free medium order of fries with the purchase of any large sandwich with the McDonald’s app until July 24
    • IHOP: Buy a burger at the International House of Pancakes and you’ll get free, unlimited seasoned fries until July 31
    • Burger King: Get two Whopper meals for $10 until July 15 — that’s two Whoppers, two small drinks and two small fries

A little bit of history: The expression “French Fried Potatoes” first occurs in print in English in the 1856 work Cookery for Maids of All Work by E. Warren.

It is believed by some that the term “French” was introduced to the potatoes when the American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I and consequently tasted Belgian fries.  It is suggested that they called them “French” as it was the official language of the Belgian Army at that time.

According to Thrillist… and if you are in Houston today….here are some of the hot spots for the best French Fries in town.

HOW do you observe? Got a favorite pick? Use the hashtag to let your friends know about #NationalFrenchFryDay and send us a photo of you in your RV with the hashtag.






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