5 ways Americans celebrate the Fourth of July!

The 4th of July is often filled with parades, barbecues, fireworks, and impromptu baseball games. Families, friends, and neighbors often get together to enjoy scarfing down good food, talking, and lighting off colorful fireworks.

The holiday was officially created in 1941, though the tradition of celebrating America’s Independence Day goes back to the 1700s and the American Revolution.

It all began on July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence and the Declaration of independence from Great Britain was adopted by delegates two days later.

The move resulted in a battle from 1775 until 1783, when the British withdrew from the American colonies, leaving the United States to become a country.

And since that time, whether it was an official government holiday or not, Americans have acknowledged the 4th of July as the birth of American independence.

In celebration of Independence Day, we would like to bring you 5 ways Americans get their Fourth of July on.

1. Parades

Bristol Rhode Island Fourth Of July Parade

From midnight parades to ones that happen at a more decent hour, Americans love parades. In good weather, small towns and large cities across America line the streets to see floats, horses, cheerleaders, military units, and marching bands pass by, often waving flags as participants hand out candy. How about going to a parade in The Woodlands?

2. Barbecues

Fourth Of July Barbecue Traditions

Because who doesn’t love burgers, brats, hot dogs, and steak (or veggie burgers)? Whether rain or shine, it is safe to bet there will be a grill burning in almost every neighborhood in America on Independence Day. Whether they are shared with family, friends, and/or neighbors, backyard barbecues and block parties are a perfect way to build community and celebrate independence.

3. Buying Fireworks

Fourth Of July Includes Fireworks Stands

And who can resist blowing things up? Taking a trip to the local fireworks stand to pick up some sparklers, ground flowers, Roman candles, and even some mortars (where they’re legal, of course) is an American tradition. Find out from your county on the rules and regulations on when and where you can explore this tradition.

4. Going To See A Fireworks Show

Fireworks On 4th Of July In Portland

Don’t want to blow things up? Don’t worry, there are plenty of fireworks shows across the Houston area and even on TV, for you to watch. While it isn’t the same thing as lighting the fuse on your own, these fireworks shows won’t disappoint. Check out the different  locations across southeast Texas. Many cities hold their fireworks shows on the Fourth, some hold theirs on the weekend or the day before.

5. Festivals!

Navy Demonstration During Fourth Of July Festival

Festivals are classic, wacky, and full of uniqueness. Many festivals will include fair food, classic cars, and bluegrass music. If you are in town, the city of Katy Freedom Celebration will begin at 9:00am at the City facilities on Georg Bush Drive and ends at 1:00pm.

So, whether you are lighting off fireworks, firing up the barbecue, or spending time with friends, we at Holiday World would like to wish you a Happy 4th of July!


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