Do you have a great story about your RV experience? You could win a gift certificate to Starbucks!

Do you have a good story for others that might help their journey on their RV? Or how about a great recipe for RV folks? Something great and simple to cook?  Maybe you have a wonderful story about your pet or family gatherings?  We would love to hear from you!

You can send your story (and pics) to me at Keep it under 400 words and please please send photos!  Your story telling will be read by many more followers with photos!


I would love to hear about your experiences, and I am sure others who visit this blog will enjoy them, too.

I’ll do two things. Number one: I will post your info into our sweepstakes for a new trailer. This is an on going sweepstakes by Holiday World and the free trailer is going to be given away at the end of the year. Number two: I will also give away an additional $25 Starbuck’s gift certificate every month to the best entry.

Again if you have any questions about posting on my blog you can email me at Look forward to hearing from you!


Get your RV on ….for work

Creating RV Life Experiences at Holiday World RV

There are numerous considerations to keep in mind if you are thinking about using an RV (Recreational Vehicle) as your temporary home while you hold down an oilfield/pipeline or field job. Are you considering the option for you or your organization on the value of RV life?

A “home on wheels” is one alternative to high rents in some of the more popular oilfield/pipeline areas, but living in a trailer or glorified bus isn’t for everyone. If you have some savings and can maintain a lifestyle that doesn’t require a lot of space, RV living might be something worth considering.  Here are three reasons to get your RV on.. for work:

Costs – As I said earlier, full-time RV living does offer some cost advantages over more standard housing options. Other costs such as space to rent or park your “house” will be a consideration when purchasing. Financing your RV is…

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The Fleetwood Encounter: The Ultimate Crossover RV

Creating RV Life Experiences at Holiday World RV

For years the two most popular motor homes in the RV industry have been the Class A type and the Class C type motor home. The Class C usually offered a cab-over bed for extra sleeping capacity that was beneficial to families with children. Class A motor homes on the other hand had only one bedroom and were designed for individuals or couples to live in full-time.

Class As always offered much more storage underneath the coach and more living room inside the coach. If someone wanted a lot of living space one had to sacrifice sleeping space. If someone wanted a lot of sleeping capacity, you sacrificed storage and living capacity. That was just the way it was. Well not any more.

The innovative folks at Fleetwood RVs have created an entirely new class of motor home that offer the best of both worlds. The Encounter Class A motor…

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10 Gift Ideas for the Happy Camper on Your List

Creating RV Life Experiences at Holiday World RV

A happy hello to all.

Well it’s  that time of the year again, time to arrange every special decoration that has been carefully packed away. Time to make all the amazing dishes your family has been making together for generations. Time to gather with family and friends to celebrate, laugh and love. It is time to make that LIST and check it twice.

Check out these awesome Holiday or anytime gifts for the special camper/glamper in your life.

20151119_233014534_iOS YETI Coolers and accessories make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

20151119_232128447_iOS 1 Little Red Campfire They will  not have to worry about that pesky fire ban anymore, or they can make everyday a camping day.

20151119_233225437_iOS Their favorite campfire logs in a soft, comfy pillow version.

20151119_232255502_iOS 1 Lets get ready for some camp time football! The Winegard X1 Satellite offers effortless setup and simple to use versatility.

20151120_000108239_iOS 1 Fold and Go charcoal grill. Easy to store easy to use.

20151119_235555943_iOS For your Furry Friends the…

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5 ideas to get your weekend on

Let’s get the weekend on!


Happy Friday to you and your family.  We are headed to the last two weeks of July and what do you have planned for this weekend?

We need a major call out for working parents and over scheduled kids to get an extended RV escape. I have added to the three tips to get your weekend  on… so now we are up to five great tips..

So how do you find time to use the RV as much as you would like? You have to awaken your inner weekend warrior.


Weekend RV trips might seem a bit overwhelming at first. Getting stuff packed during the work week, and then getting that same stuff put away before Monday morning can wear you out just thinking about it.

But we know that if you do it right, weekend escapes can feel both adventurous and refreshing. Just follow these five ideas to get your weekend on.

1.  Plan ahead to get the best deals.

If you plan your weekend getaways ahead of time you’ll get better deals on campground reservations etc.. You’ll also be able to schedule your time in advance so you can get caught up before you leave and less likely to back out of a family getaway. Especially if you get penalized for canceling or rescheduling.

2. It’s time to use your vacation days. Seriously.

Study after study tells us that Americans are terrible at using their paid vacation time, and that’s not good for health or productivity. Even though it may be challenging to take an entire week off, see if you can manage a Friday here or there. A three-day RV trip will give you enough time to truly unwind.

3. Keep food prep simple.

The number one stress for many people is planning food for a weekend getaway. Plan a simple weekend menu that includes items like cereal and oatmeal for breakfast and cold cuts for lunch. And then splurge and go out for dinner on Saturday. Just because you are camping does not mean you have to actually cook!

4. Extend your weekend.

Most campgrounds set check out time between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. But if someone isn’t arriving on your site that same day, they are happy to let you check out later for a small fee. This means you can schedule an outing or just enjoy a lazy Sunday morning at the campground. We just make sure we are on the road by 3:00 p.m. and home before dinner.

5. Create an “A” team for your Sunday return.

If you kept your packing simple and you have to go back to the rat race on Monday ….the last thing you want to do is spend the end of your weekend unpacking your camper.  So its all hands on deck when you arrive home after a weekend getaway . Time yourself and get’er done!  The fridge is handled clothes are in the washer and your ready to take on the week.


Get out there and get your camping on!

It’s okay to break your diet today .. its National Junk Food Day July 21

I was listening to the radio this morning and learned how American it is to celebrate National Junk Food Day. Although it is not an actual recognized holiday ..I realized that this was the chance not for just for me… but for everyone to break what ever diet they were on and get what they want.  If you are serious about can start your wellness program in the morning (junk food by definition is typically prepackaged food with little nutritional value and low prep time).

But this is a blog about the value of getting a recreational vehicle and exploring. How can we mix the two? What is your best story of mixing your two loves? RV life and junk food?

For me …it would be going to the grocery and getting all the stuff your mother frowns upon. Little doughnuts ..soda (probably Dr. Pepper) and BBQ potato chips (with ranch dressing).  Lots of gluten.. lots of sugar..lots of carbs. And yes I would feel guilty for the rest of the day. But by the following morning I would have my nutritional plan laid out to conquer what ever awesomeness I had had the day prior.



If you have great stories about hitting the vending machine and your RV ..I would love to hear from you.  You can add your comment here or email me at

So take time out to celebrate without feeling guilty. Today is National Junk Food Day.




What is the value of the Priority RV Network?

Creating RV Life Experiences at Holiday World RV

When you by an RV from Holiday World you get access to becoming a member of the Priority RV Network.  As a member of the network one of the benefits for our customers is ownership of the Priority RV Key Tag.

What is the the Priority RV Key Tag? With this key tag, if you experience a functional problem with your RV, and if you are traveling more than 100 miles from your home, you can receive Priority RV Service at any of our dealers.  Think of it as a speed pass to help you solve your issue fast and the network of dealers will get you back on the road with a smile!

This program includes repair for safety and functionality problems. Minor convenience repairs are not included.

How does this work if you have a problem on the road? Call your selling dealer and tell them…

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