What is the value of the Priority RV Network?

When you by an RV from Holiday World you get access to becoming a member of the Priority RV Network.  As a member of the network one of the benefits for our customers is ownership of the Priority RV Key Tag.

What is the the Priority RV Key Tag? With this key tag, if you experience a functional problem with your RV, and if you are traveling more than 100 miles from your home, you can receive Priority RV Service at any of our dealers.  Think of it as a speed pass to help you solve your issue fast and the network of dealers will get you back on the road with a smile!

This program includes repair for safety and functionality problems. Minor convenience repairs are not included.

How does this work if you have a problem on the road? Call your selling dealer and tell them about the problem. Your dealer will determine if the repair could wait until you return home or needs to be repaired at one of our Priority RV Network locations.

If immediate repairs are needed, your selling dealer will connect you with the nearest Priority RV Network dealer.

If you are unable to contact your selling dealer, visit the Priority RV Network  site and access the map showing the locations and contact information for our network of dealers.

Call the servicing dealer and explain that you are a Priority RV Network customer and give them the name of your selling dealer.

  • State your problem and schedule the day and time for your repair.
  • There will be no cost to you if your repairs are covered by a warranty.
  • Parts and labor will be charged and collected if your RV is not covered by a warranty.

Prior to going out on the road you want to make sure your RV is ready for the adventures ahead.  But sometimes things just happen and you can’t avoid problems so why not invest in an RV that has the protection of the Priority RV Network?




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