3 easy tips to keep your cool on

With Houston temperatures reaching record highs in almost the triple-digits this weekend, it’s important to ensure that your body stays hydrated. These high heat indexes can lead to dehydration which can be a very serious condition and cause significant illness if not prevented.  We encourage you to take these three easy steps to avoid dehydration:

  1. Monitor Water Intake and Keep Beverages Accessible
  2. Stay in Comfortable and Cool Places
  3. Avoid Dehydrating Beverages

Don’t forget to make water your best friend!

Finally, knowing the possible indications and symptoms of dehydration is crucial. You should be able to recognize the signs. Physical fatigue, dizziness, substantial thirst, headache, and nausea should raise caution and encourage you to take steps to avoid a life-threatening situation.

Make sure you take care of yourself and beware of the heat. We hope to see you this weekend at Holiday World!



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