Its not that hot in Houston! What to do? 3 tips..

I was coming back to the office from a  little restaurant in Katy and I noticed there was a light drizzle coming down and I sat in the shotgun seat of my colleague’s car …I thought “dang its nice”!

It’s strange that the first days of November  we have been under 90 degrees. I doubt that it will last much longer. So what to do?  I would think that many of us should take advantage of this .. you can actually be outside in November! Here are 3 tips to make the most of these “strange days”.

1. Find a Patio-  Houston has many incredible outdoor spaces to meet for food and drink. Depending on what part of the city you are in .. you are bound to find a cool patio.  I went back to the Houston Press to see some of their choices for the best patios in town. If you have any recommendations.. hit us up at


2. Get to a park- Non Houstonians believe that Houston is well …a pretty ugly city.. lack of zoning and endless construction etc.etc.!  With the weather on your side it’s a good time to find a park and discover the great spots that prove Houston can be pretty cool.  Check out culture map with some of its suggestions on some of the best places to hike within “walking” distance of Houston.


3. This is an camping and RV blog…so I should post about Rving!- Right now Holiday World of Katy has some great offerings on all types of RVs and motorhomes.  You are about two weeks away from the Thanksgiving…so get your plans in order. My suggestion for you is take advantage of the great weather get here and pick the best RV for you and your family. Don’t know what to get? Check out Joe Johnson giving you all of the details on this cute Little Guy:

So get out there and enjoy the cool weather .. while it lasts!


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