The story of a sweepstakes winner…could you be the next one?

June 4, 2015 was a day, no different than any other day, for Cyndi Adelson of Cleveland, Texas. She and her husband, Wayne, had been discussing an upgrade for their camper. She sat down at her computer and began to search for used fifth wheels. Her search led her to HWHRV.COM (Holiday World RV) where she found a large selection of RV’s. She soon noticed the Holiday World Sweepstakes banner advertising the giveaway of the 2016 Retro trailer. She thought, “Why not enter? You never know.” Months went by. Then, one evening in December, she received a call announcing she was the lucky winner of the Holiday World Sweepstakes. In disbelief, she thought that someone (her husband, Wayne) was playing a joke on her. When reality hit, her doubt turned into overwhelming joy. She declared “I can’t believe I won! I’ve never won anything like this in my life!”

Featured Image -- 1307During Cyndi and Wayne’s visit to Holiday World of Willis to claim their new 2016 Retro trailer, she shared that their primary purpose to spend time camping with their family.

Cyndi and Wayne are planning their first trip with their brand new 2016 Retro trailer. Camping has been part of their lifestyle for several generations. They are planning to spend lots of time with their family and loved ones in their favorite new toy!

Now if you’re in the market to own a vintage style travel trailer in the Houston Texas area, I’d begin your search by visiting Holiday World and look at a Whitewater Retro in person. Be one of those people that grab other travelers attention at campgrounds with a one of a kind vintage style travel trailer from Riverside RV and stand out from the crowd.

Or better yet try to win one!  Don’t forget to submit your name to our sweepstakes!




4 thoughts on “The story of a sweepstakes winner…could you be the next one?

  1. We have an old pop up which is falling apart. We enjoy camping and camping out at Nascar races. We would be the talk of the campers. My husband would be so surprised. I can’t work due to my hand and he has proved for my daughter and I. Please consider us. Thank you

  2. Hi All, I am the LUCKY winner of last years Retro camper and although we chose to go with a 5th wheel instead, I couldn’t be happier. I love my 5th wheel and use it almost every weekend. I want to send a big thank you again to Holiday World RV for making my camping dreams a reality. The staff at Holiday World, Willis are the best in the business…from my sales rep Justin to everyone in parts/accessories and the guys that checked every little thing on my 5th wheel before we drove it off the lot. What an amazing group of people!!!
    I recommend everyone try your luck at this years sweepstakes…it’s a wonderful feeling to get that call from Charlie Power saying you are the winner of a brand new camper.
    Good luck

    Cyndi Adelson

    • Cyndi thank you so much for the shout out! Please send photos of your latest trip! Would love to post!

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