Outback Travel Trailer Lineup: Spotlighting the 312BH

When you’re a large family and have the desire to start camping it’s enticing to go straight to a 5th wheel because of the perception they are the only option for a big group. But if you spend some time searching online or at your local Keystone dealer you’ll realize there’s another option you may not have thought of. Outback, from Keystone RV, is a travel trailer line that does a fantastic job of creating an open space feel to trailers that usually feel a little small.


Outback’s 312BH floorplan is one that’s very comfortable to camp in. With a rear bunkhouse, double entry doors and two slides you’ll find plenty of room even if your camping needs reach 9-10 people. The master bedroom, through the front entry door, offers an ample amount of storage space with its dual wardrobe and overhead cabinets. In the living room you’ll find a large slide that fits the booth dinette and sleeper sofa. There are some storage cabs above the sofa so you can store some bedsheets if you need it to pull out or keep some board games and kitchen items there.
The kitchen has a three burner stove top and refrigerator with some overhead cabs and lower cupboards and doors to round out all your storage needs. There’s even a pantry/wardrobe in case you think of some last minute snacks/shoes you need to take on your trip.
One of the best features is an entry door directly into the bathroom. When you have a large group and are out in a dirty campground it’s nice to have only two steps until you find the restroom. No more trudging through the house and cleaning up the tracks at the end of a long day.
Now for the important stuff – the rear bunkhouse, where happy kids are found and sleepy parents can walk away from in peace. In the back you will have a sleeper sofa on one side with a bunk up top, and a TV shelf with some storage cabs for the kids to hook up their DVD player or game system to zone out after a long day outside.
On the outside you’ll be able to use Outback’s exterior kitchen. This features a fridge, flip-out stove with double burners and some more storage and counter space. Are you getting the recurring theme of storage? On the bumper they even give you a gas hookup to mount a grill for some burgers and dogs.
Over at Holiday World of Katy we’ve got a couple of these hot off the line and soaking up the sun on our lot. Come by and check them out with your family when you get some time after school or on the weekend. We have some iced water and warm cookies, can’t wait to meet you!
Here are some other floorplans Outback offers to give you some more options:
Outback 299TBH – https://hwhrv.com/results.php?srchtxt=new%20outback%20299tbh
– This is their lightweight option. It’s at a lower price point and offers something lighter for you to take down the road. With some corner bunks and rear bath it’s a great floorplan that flows comfortably for you and your family.


Outback 298RE – https://hwhrv.com/results.php?srchtxt=new%20outback%20298re
– Don’t need a bunkhouse? Check out Keystone’s rear entertainment floorplan with a rear TV and more seating space in the living room.


Outback 325BH – https://hwhrv.com/results.php?srchtxt=new%20outback%20325bh
– For families in need of something a little longer than the 312, the 325 gives you three slides and even more length for unmatched comfort on the campground.


Outback 326RL – https://hwhrv.com/results.php?srchtxt=new%20outback%20326rl
– Speaking of big families… if you and yours like to eat, or if you’re long-terming and need the space, this trailer gives you a massive double door fridge for all your chilled food needs. This is a great floorplan and one that looks fantastic in person.