Rained Out…

Have the next great family camp trip planned but you see rain on the radar? Don’t worry.. and don’t cancel the trip. We’ve got you. Check out the following, it’s a few ideas on how to still have some fun when the rain wants to drown out your plans.

Form a band with pots and pans: The kids are getting ansy and there are some dirty dishes in the sink. Grab a couple of spoons, pull out the pots and get going! Go around and have each person pick a song and then try to guess what it is. See if the whole group can work together and create something new. Your neighbors don’t mind the noise right?…

Hike: Ok, I didn’t create the wheel with this idea. But if it’s not a total downpour then this is usually pretty fun. On afternoons where we’ve got a warm drizzle and the tree coverage is stout then put on your mud shoes and go experience the trails in a new way.

Family movie/dinner outside: RV’s have awnings for a reason. If it isn’t too windy then put yours out, and if you have an outside entertainment unit circle the chairs around and relax. You could watch a DVD, set up the card table and play some games or just get some loungers and talk. Whatever you decide, the rain sets a relaxing peaceful mood perfect for any activity.

Get Artistic: Newspaper and magazine collages can create some fun for the family. Come up with themes and color schemes to get a little more creative, get the scissors ready and then compare!

Baking: It may not be mothers day but the women in the family can still be pampered every now and then. Tell Mom she doesn’t need to cook tonight and get the family together to bake something delicious. The kids can make their own pizzas and desserts while the parents (make sure nothing burns down) relax.

Bottle/Card toss: An oldy but a goody. Get a cannister and a deck of cards or some bottle caps and start tossin’.. the first to ten wins.

Read: Much like we discussed in an earlier outside idea, the rain creates a certain mood. Reading a book outside when all you can hear are the rain drops is something special. Even curling up in bed or on the couch is a good idea. Get the kids away from the TV and into some literature.

These are just a few ideas, and there are many more if you search the web or ask some fellow campers. Don’t let the weather determine your vacation. Overcome it and have some fun.

Here at Holiday World we have a great selection of campers and motorhomes built just for weather like we’ve been having; nasty rain and sticky humidity. Having them shipped from Indiana helps because they’re built for rough conditions and can withstand a beating. Come on by one of our dealerships and speak with our salesmen about the construction and insulation. We’ll help find something that keeps you dry, warm and comfortable.

Happy camping!


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