The Little Guy

What’s a Little Guy? It’s a trailer so compact you could put it in your pocket. But if we listed the features and benefits you’d think we were describing a Class A.

The teardrop campers became prevalent after WWII and were first constructed with materials picked up from surplus markets. The wheels came from Jeeps that were salvaged from sunken ships and exterior skins were commonly made from scraps of WWII bombers. These aerodynamic trailers have come a long way since then. With a goal to never play favorites to truck owners, the little guys can even be towed with a mini-cooper or your daughters Beetle.

Little Guy started back in 2002 when two brothers in Elkhart, Indiana wanted to take the teardrop camper trailer to the public in a new way and started prototyping a 4×8 Retro in their garage. Once it hit the market a snowball effect came into play. They quickly amped up production from 2-3 a week to 3-4 a day. The two brothers now have thousands of families enjoying their campers and offer 17 different models to better suit the needs of a growing demand.

little guy tent

The easiest pitch on the Little Guy camper is the construction. Built for war, these bite-size trailers are very solid. Built with a 2×2 and 2×3 inch tubular aluminum frame, they’re wrapped in 3/4ā€ plywood floor and side walls with the highest quality wood for structural integrity. The roof vents they install are 14×14ā€ for great ventilation and they’re wrapped in a blanket of R11 insulation to keep you from getting too hot or cold. The laminated skin is white and striped depending on your taste with the rear of the trailer fitted with a galley and tinted glass sliding doors on each side to provide privacy, safety and security. Check out the Little Guy website for more info and even some photos of the building process. You can even build and price your own personalized trailer to see exactly what you’d be getting.

little guy int

For even more info take a look at the Little Guy and T@B forum pages to hear from past, present and future customers on the honest truth about these teardrop campers. You won’t be disappointed!

We have a lot of floorplan options to choose from here on the lot. You can check out some photos and videos as well to get a better feel for their product. If you like what you see online, stop on by one of our Holiday World locations and see one in person.. we’d be happy to answer any of your questions and share with you some more information on these trailers.


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