Rained Out…

Have the next great family camp trip planned but you see rain on the radar? Don’t worry.. and don’t cancel the trip. We’ve got you. Check out the following, it’s a few ideas on how to still have some fun when the rain wants to drown out your plans.

Form a band with pots and pans: The kids are getting ansy and there are some dirty dishes in the sink. Grab a couple of spoons, pull out the pots and get going! Go around and have each person pick a song and then try to guess what it is. See if the whole group can work together and create something new. Your neighbors don’t mind the noise right?…

Hike: Ok, I didn’t create the wheel with this idea. But if it’s not a total downpour then this is usually pretty fun. On afternoons where we’ve got a warm drizzle and the tree coverage is stout then put on your mud shoes and go experience the trails in a new way.

Family movie/dinner outside: RV’s have awnings for a reason. If it isn’t too windy then put yours out, and if you have an outside entertainment unit circle the chairs around and relax. You could watch a DVD, set up the card table and play some games or just get some loungers and talk. Whatever you decide, the rain sets a relaxing peaceful mood perfect for any activity.

Get Artistic: Newspaper and magazine collages can create some fun for the family. Come up with themes and color schemes to get a little more creative, get the scissors ready and then compare!

Baking: It may not be mothers day but the women in the family can still be pampered every now and then. Tell Mom she doesn’t need to cook tonight and get the family together to bake something delicious. The kids can make their own pizzas and desserts while the parents (make sure nothing burns down) relax.

Bottle/Card toss: An oldy but a goody. Get a cannister and a deck of cards or some bottle caps and start tossin’.. the first to ten wins.

Read: Much like we discussed in an earlier outside idea, the rain creates a certain mood. Reading a book outside when all you can hear are the rain drops is something special. Even curling up in bed or on the couch is a good idea. Get the kids away from the TV and into some literature.

These are just a few ideas, and there are many more if you search the web or ask some fellow campers. Don’t let the weather determine your vacation. Overcome it and have some fun.

Here at Holiday World we have a great selection of campers and motorhomes built just for weather like we’ve been having; nasty rain and sticky humidity. Having them shipped from Indiana helps because they’re built for rough conditions and can withstand a beating. Come on by one of our dealerships and speak with our salesmen about the construction and insulation. We’ll help find something that keeps you dry, warm and comfortable.

Happy camping!


The Coachmen Catalina

Coachmen is one of those companies that has been a solid contributer in the RV industry since their inception in 1964. They started with a small factory in Middlebury, Indiana and have continued to build their value and reputation to this day. Today, with over five decades of building RV’s and over 600,000 sold, they know how to design and deliver a product that’s dependable, innovative and enriching.

Coachmen came out with their Catalina line to provide an aggressively priced travel trailer that still carries an abundance of value and eye appeal. In an industry that is stubbornly sticking with dark siding and chocolate interiors, the Catalina cruises to the beat of their own drummer, deciding to stick with an airy and light look both inside and out.

catalina interior

With many different floorplan options available, they currently offer 23, the consumer can track down exactly what they’re looking for and find a trailer they know they’ll be pleased with as they drive off the lot.

catalina 303

The Catalina 303 KDS

The Catalina 303kds is a popular bunk floorplan with a large living room slideout across from the dining area. An outside kitchen is available and an ample amount of sleeping space will leave you and your family comfortable and happy for the entirety of your trip.

Catalina 343

The Catalina 343 QBDS

The Catalina 343qbds is a very interesting floorplan that uses two queen beds on either side of the unit to maximize your sleeping options. This unit offers a lot of privacy for its occupants, a lot of room to walk around the bed so you can get dressed and move around comfortably, and a large living area to relax in after a long day of camping.

catalina fqb

The Catalina 303 FQB

The Catalina 303fqb flips the traditional bunk style floorplan around and puts the 4 twin bunks up front, leaving the master bedroom in the rear. The east/west bed will give you a lot more room to move around without bumping into walls and plenty of storage for clothes. The bathroom lies close to the master with a large living room separating the two sleeping quarters.

Some of the Catalina features included are: Cambered structural steel I-Beam, 3/8” fully decked walk-on roof, in-floor ducted heat, radius entry steps, storage for pots and pans in the kitchen and even more room under the master bed, 2 mirrored shirt closets, a fireplace beneath the entertainment center, 6-gallon gas/electric DSI water heater, metal drawer guides and radial tires. Those are just the standard options.. there are numerous add-ons that can be ordered to fit your needs.

Another plus on the Catalina line is that the dry-weight of these units range from 4200 up to 8500. If you are driving a smaller vehicle and don’t have a great tow-rating, you could still have a shot to hitch up to one of their floorplans and safely make your way down the highway.

Come on by one of our Holiday World locations and see one in person. Our sales consultants will take the time you need find a floorplan that works and give a more in-depth walkthrough of their features. Hope to see you soon!

The Little Guy

What’s a Little Guy? It’s a trailer so compact you could put it in your pocket. But if we listed the features and benefits you’d think we were describing a Class A.

The teardrop campers became prevalent after WWII and were first constructed with materials picked up from surplus markets. The wheels came from Jeeps that were salvaged from sunken ships and exterior skins were commonly made from scraps of WWII bombers. These aerodynamic trailers have come a long way since then. With a goal to never play favorites to truck owners, the little guys can even be towed with a mini-cooper or your daughters Beetle.

Little Guy started back in 2002 when two brothers in Elkhart, Indiana wanted to take the teardrop camper trailer to the public in a new way and started prototyping a 4×8 Retro in their garage. Once it hit the market a snowball effect came into play. They quickly amped up production from 2-3 a week to 3-4 a day. The two brothers now have thousands of families enjoying their campers and offer 17 different models to better suit the needs of a growing demand.

little guy tent

The easiest pitch on the Little Guy camper is the construction. Built for war, these bite-size trailers are very solid. Built with a 2×2 and 2×3 inch tubular aluminum frame, they’re wrapped in 3/4” plywood floor and side walls with the highest quality wood for structural integrity. The roof vents they install are 14×14” for great ventilation and they’re wrapped in a blanket of R11 insulation to keep you from getting too hot or cold. The laminated skin is white and striped depending on your taste with the rear of the trailer fitted with a galley and tinted glass sliding doors on each side to provide privacy, safety and security. Check out the Little Guy website for more info and even some photos of the building process. You can even build and price your own personalized trailer to see exactly what you’d be getting.

little guy int

For even more info take a look at the Little Guy and T@B forum pages to hear from past, present and future customers on the honest truth about these teardrop campers. You won’t be disappointed!

We have a lot of floorplan options to choose from here on the lot. You can check out some photos and videos as well to get a better feel for their product. If you like what you see online, stop on by one of our Holiday World locations and see one in person.. we’d be happy to answer any of your questions and share with you some more information on these trailers.