Is the Industry Ready for a Floating RV?

The Floating RV, more officially known as the Terra Wind, is a first class motor coach that can hit the highways at 80 mph and cruise the tide up to 7 knots. Manufactured by CAMI LLC, this unit is said to have a very sound structural quality. CAMI claims they have an unsinkable lineup of vehicles on their hands – one that was approved by the United States Coast Guard.


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But when we heard about this we had to ask… is the RV industry ready for something this next level? The motorhome will cost you between 700k and a million, the Gator (a golf cruiser / boat hybrid) runs just shy of 60k, and they have 7 other vehicle options – is this something that’s worth shelling out a few extra bucks for or are they just fun to test drive and snap a few pictures of?

Another one of their products, the Amphibious Responder, has been written up by numerous news publications and was also featured on CNN in the aftermath of the Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. They have floating busses for tours as well. Are these better suited to stay on the commercial side and just be used for excursions and disaster relief?

Consumers like the flash – the sizzle gets them excited. They like having stuff that their neighbors don’t have or their parents never bought when they were growing up. But when does wanting something superscede the need for practicality…

Let us know in the comments! Will RV’s like this be on dealer lot’s around the country in the next 10 years or is this too much of a niche market that will fizzle out?


“Riverside RV Whitewater Retro” – Your Vintage Style Travel Trailer at Holiday World

Ever think about wanting to own or rent an rv? Maybe you know someone who owned a recreational vehicle at one point and always wondered what it would have been like to take it on those fun holiday trip you’ve dreamt about. Well as time has passed, we’ve seen different style of travel trailers come and go and as more time passes, those vintage trailers people were so drawn to in the past are becoming more and more extinct. Well, if you’re one of those people that wants a classic trailer without sacrificing the perks of modern technology, there’s a certain travel trailer on the market that may grab your attention.

Whether you’ve been in travel trailers throughout your life or it’s your first time, the Riverside RV Whitewater Retro is the perfect fit for most travelers looking for that nostalgic look in a travel trailer without sacrificing the comfort of modern living. Aside from its vintage look being the center of attention, it also is recognized for its weight capacity, durable structure, and overall comfort; making this particular retro style trailer grow more in popularity for people who may want to own a classic trailer.

(Holiday World)1 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-155_177


Whitewater Retro Floorplan 155

Whitewater Retro Floorplan - 177

Whitewater Retro Floorplan – 177

Combining a classic look with modern features, the Riverside RV Whitewater Retro uses sleek lines and a color pallet popular in the 1960’s. For two of its styles, the Polar White Aqua Retro and the Pewter Red Retro, each has a 155, 155XL, 175, and a 177 version which differentiate in size and carrying capacity. While the 155 has a length of 14’9 feet and a total dry weight of 1840 which is small enough to fit in a garage, the 177 has a larger length of 18’6 feet, having a total dry weight of 2530 lbs.; making it one of the easiest travel trailers to tow with just about any vehicle regardless of whatever version you choose.

(Holiday World)2 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-177_Bed(Holiday World)3 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-177_sink_stove(Holiday World)4 Riverside-RV-Whitewater-Retro-177_microwave

Aside from its great style and nice features, this recreational vehicle was built to last. Created with genuine Amish craftsmanship, the Whitewater Retro is created with a welded aluminum cage, batting insulation, and a radiant barrier; making this particular travel trailer, very durable and also very affordable.

Want to see what this trailer looks like inside? Check out these video.

Now if you’re in the market to rent an rv or own a vintage style travel trailer in the Houston Texas area, I’d begin your search by visiting Holiday World ( ( RV) and taking a look at a Whitewater Retro in person. Be one of those people that grab other travelers attention at campgrounds with a one of a kind vintage style travel trailer from Riverside RV and stand out from the crowd.

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