Houston to Fort Worth – The Texas Speedway Road Trip


June 5th and 6th is a big weekend in the Lone Star State. Texas Motor Speedway will play host to the Winstar 400 and Firestone 600 races, Nascar and IndyCar respectively, with all of Texas scrambling to get seats in the massive 181,000 seat circle. Let’s take a trip with them and head from our beautiful city of Houston over to the track.

The first step – finding a trailer. We’ve got a couple bikes so we’re going to take the new Keystone Fuzion 403, it’s a Chrome Edition Monster Plus Package toy hauler that’s decked to the nines with a high quality paint and decal exterior, 12 foot garage, 5,000lb frame welded tie-downs in the garage and six G-rated tires to get us there safely. It even has a security camera in the garage to keep a close eye on whatever you’re packing.

The second step – finding a campsite. Check out Texas Motor Speedway’s camping accommodations and pick the perfect spot to plug in for the next few days. They’ve got VIP sites, Burnout Alley, infield, family oriented, outside, unreserved and tented options. If you can’t find what you need then just drive the prius and stay in a hotel.

All set? Now pack up the food, juice boxes and crew and let’s hit the road

The trip isn’t too bad at all, just about four and a half to five hours with a 5th wheel behind you. Once you get to the Ft. Worth area you can get all set up at the Speedway. TMS has contact info for generators, RV repair, water and restrooms. Don’t forget to fill your Fuzion 403 gas tank so inbetween the professional races you can take your own toys out for a spin. It’s a 12V pump, 30 gallon tank and static line. Everything you need to get gassed up for a crazy weekend.

After the weekend is up you can dump at the Speedway or check a list of local dump stations to clean out your tanks. Now hop back in your camper, throw on a pot of coffee and start counting down the days to your next family adventure.


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