The RV’ers guide to the Highway: Houston to Yellowstone National Park

Miles: 1,570

Time: 23h 26min


Alright it’s time to pack up the RV and get the kids out of their rooms. Let’s leave Houston in the rearview and hit the blacktop for a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get out there for an adventure. Stop by one of our Holiday World of Houston locations to stock up on what you’ll need (shameless plug) and then hit the road.

The following will be a makeshift itinerary for your trip:

First Leg: Houston to Fort Worth (Campsites)

This is about a 4 hour trip from our city over to theirs. That’s enough time in the car, time to stretch out the legs. While in Fort Worth it may be worth cooling off at Hawaiin Falls Water Park, a year-round adventure park the whole fam can enjoy. Or if it’s just you and your spouse stop in at one of the local art galleries for some A/C and classic prints.

(No need for hotels on this little excursion. That’s why we’ve got RV’s now.)

Second Leg: Fort Worth to Amarillo (Campsites)

Coming from Fort Worth we’re looking at another 5 hours on the road. It’s a fun little coincidence the number one tourist attraction in Amarillo is the Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum. Since you’re basically already driving around with one of their attractions hitched up behind you, you can skip this. Go from land to the sky and check out the Texas Air & Space Museum. This is a great little spot for the kids to see some cool stuff. If you’re going with some older teens or even if the young ones are the outdoors type, there are some good horseback riding tours around the area.

Third Leg: Amarillo to Pueblo, CO (Campsites)

Where the heck is Pueblo, CO… I know, I know. But there’s a National Forest there, San Isabel, that looks incredible. This part is about 4.5 hours, just a quick stop in the afternoon before you get over to Denver. Let’s take a break and sit outside for some lunch or a quick dip of the feet in their beautiful lakes.

Third (and a half) Leg: Pueblo to Denver (Campsites)

Two more hours and you’ll be in Denver, and wow there’s a lot to do. Between the hiking spots, restaurants, bars, etc., you may want to spend a couple days and enjoy the city. It’s baseball season so maybe a game over at Coors Field, get your culture on and check out the Denver Art Museum, or have a nice family day at the Denver Zoo.

Fourth Leg: Denver to Yellowstone National Park

The looong leg. And thankfully the last one. This is about an 8 hour trip or so but once you’re there, you’re there. Now you find a good campsite to plant your flag, some awesome hikes to explore the landscape and local stores to pick up your groceries.

Enjoy the trip, guys! We’ll keep coming out with some more adventure ideas through the next few weeks. Happy camping…


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