Great Texas Camping Destination: Hueco Tanks State Park

If you like to camp in state parks, Hueco Tanks is the place for you. There is plenty to see and do from rock climbing and birding to hiking. Hueco Tanks gets its name from the Spanish word Hueco, meaning hollows and referred to the many water-holding depressions in the rock faces and boulders all over the region.

In times past, the region was inhabited by several different Indian tribes. The Paleo and the “Jornada Mogollon” to the Apache people who moved there from Canada at about 1600 A.D. These tribes found that the unique terrain forded them the ability to survive in the harsh environment by providing a constant source of water.

The Caves and rock walls are marked by the pictures and symbols of the peoples who inhabited the area. Some are inaccessible without a guide because of the terrain and sheer number of people that visit the park annually. 2/3rds of the park is closed to are open to the public only if you hire a guide. This helps prevent damage to the natural areas and artifacts that are found in the area. 

Perhaps Hueco Tanks State Park is best known for its rock climbing. In any given climbing season, which generally lasts from October through March, it is common for climbers from across Europe, Asia, and Australia to visit the park. The unique terrain allows for bouldering, which is rock climbing that is low enough to attempt without safety ropes.

Hueco Tanks offers camping with showers, water and/or electricity. WiFi is available in select areas of the park as well but you will have to check with the park staff to find out where.


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