Time for the Spring Systems Check on your RV!

Spring is upon us which means time for that Spring and Summer camping! If you haven’t already, you need to do a complete safety and systems check on your RV before you take it out camping. The LAST thing you want is to be out at the camp site with your family and find out that the toilet won’t flush or the stove doesn’t work. Even worse, have a tire fail en route or have to cancel your trip because your sewer system has developed a leak that you can’t fix.

Here is a list of things you need to check over before you go on that trip. Be sure to do this check early enough to have time for a shop to do the needed repairs without having to delay any planned family trips.

– Tire Pressure & overall condition 
– Running and Stop lights 
– LP Leak Check 
– Water Heater system check 
– Stove and Oven operation 
– Microwave 
– All roof A/C units 
– All Batteries 
– Complete Roof inspection including seams 
– On Motorized: All fluids, Belts & Hoses 

Of course, some of these items require a little more mechanical knowledge and tools than the average camper would have. For those people who cannot check all of these items or just don’t have the time, call and make an appointment to have these done at your local Holiday World dealership.


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