Camping with Kids

RVing is nothing if not kid-friendly. Think of all the “extras” sported by recreation vehicles. Comfortable beds. Fully stocked, on-board snack center. The kids’ favorite toys, games, books and videos – all within arm’s reach. And because of these comforts, there are certain things you’ll be able to do without – like the sound of “Are we there yet?” Check out some of the on-the-road games to make travel time more fun.
The nation’s commercial campgrounds and resorts catering to RV travelers feel like small, friendly towns. Your children will find plenty of other children eager to make friends. And in a safe environment, you’ll feel comfortable letting them explore the campground where they’ll find amenities and activities galore, like mini-golf, arts and crafts, swimming, movies under the stars and organized kids programs.
Kids Love to Help. Get them involved in preparing for the trip by following the basic packing list under What to Bring. Have them add their personal favorites so everyone will arrive at the final destination with their most prized and important possessions.
Thrilling Rides. Take a trip to an amusement park. Most parks allow you to exit during the day, and you can head to the RV for a refreshing lunch away from the crowds, saving money and empty calories of typical restaurant meals. Best of all, the kids will have their own beds to collapse in after a long, exciting day.
Panoramic Drives. Head out on one of the many National Scenic Byways. Travel in style and comfort, while taking time to enjoy some of the country’s best scenery through large picture windows. Be sure to make stops at scenic overlooks and plan to have a picnic at one of the breathtaking sites along the way.
Be Starstruck. Take your RV to the next solar or lunar eclipse or meteor shower. Head outside the city limits to where the sky is clear of ambient light, get a blanket, sit outside your RV, listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy the sky show. And when the show’s over, tuck the kids into their own beds.
A Classroom on Wheels. The number of historical sites, national monuments, museums, art galleries and cultural festivals in the U.S. is endless. Your RV allows you to experience it all without ever feeling like you’ve left the comforts of home behind. And who said learning had to be boring? RVs help make everyday excursions more exciting and special events, moments to be remembered. Best of all, with kids, they’ll just think they’re having fun.


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