Selecting the Right FEMA Trailer

Selecting the right Disaster Relief Trailer can be hard with all the “fly by night” dealers flooding the market. There are auctions that are loaded with trailers in various conditions. The problem is that they have not been looked at since they were last lived in 4 years ago. By now they have sat in some vacant lot baking in the sun and rotting in place. This means the LP, electrical, water and sewer systems have also sat and rotted. LP valves tend to stick and leak. Water pipes get fragile and break the first time under pressure. Electrical wires get chewed on by insects and animals that also live on the lot the trailers were stored on. What this means to you is that it could be a hazard to camp in because of leaking propane and electrical shorts that can cause a fire. At the very least, water pipes burst the minute you open the valve to provide water service to the sink and toilet. 

Buying a Disaster relief Trailer from Holiday World of Houston means you have a trailer that is safe for you and your family to camp in. Our team of certified RV technicians checks the LP system for leaks and repairs anything that might be leaking gas such as a water heater or furnace. They also check the electrical system for shorts and the water system for leaks as well. Technicians also check the major appliances for proper operation. These include the fridge, stove, microwave and air conditioner.

These checks are done on every disaster relief trailer that is not classified as “salvage” or “handyman special”. These trailers get an LP check and a Texas Safety Inspection only.  For all the others, our technicians repair any minor problems with the structure, repair or replace any appliance that is not working such as water heater, furnace, A/C, or microwave.  They also get a Texas Safety Inspection. 

There are two major types of categories of Disaster Relief Trailers. The Dealer Spec Trailers are trailers that were designed and built for RV dealerships across the US. They all have holding tanks and are basically like any other used travel trailer you might find on the market today. Most are bunk house models from major RV manufacturers such as Keystone, Forest River, and Fleetwood. Designed to sleep around 5 or 6 people comfortably with ducted air conditioning, full RV kitchens, and many other options you find in your average travel trailer such as slide-out rooms. The only reason they are classified as disaster relief trailers is because they were purchased by the federal government to be used as emergency housing in case of a natural disaster. 

In contrast, the FEMA spec trailers DO NOT have holding tanks for fresh water and sewer. Most have residential style refrigerators and toilets. They were designed and built specifically for emergency housing by various RV manufacturers such as Gulf Stream, Fleetwood and Monaco. They also sleep 5 or 6 people in a bunk-house design and have an exterior of plain white aluminum or fiberglass with little or no accent stripes or graphics. They do have full kitchens with stove, microwave, and sink. These are perfect for the hunter who wants a place to stay on the hunting with out buying  a fully loaded trailer. 

At the Holiday World of Houston web site, we have the trailers sorted by price level or “grade” with links to each grade listing the available inventory at that price grade. You can use this link to check out our selection of Disaster Relief Trailers and pick yours out today before they are all gone.


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